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  • Grant
    My name is Grant and I'm an Air Force Pilot with several properties of real estate outside the state of Florida. I was in over my head this year with taxes as I recently sold my first home and did a 1031 exchange into an investment property. I went through three separate vehicles and did all of my own property management. It was a mess. Abby was very patient with me and treated me like I was her only client. She always got back to me promptly and took the time to research all the rules pertaining to my situation, of which there were many. I can't thank her enough for working with me and giving that personal touch, even answering my questions after hours, all at an extremely reasonable price. She's incredible and I will absolutely be continuing to use her for all my tax filing and business related needs!
    Air Force Pilot
  • Alejandro Lucero
    Puse en manos de Dios, la provición de conseguir una persona que pudiera ser empática en los negocios, creo que aquel mundo halloween en que un contador te cobra por siquiera pensar en visitarlo para una consulta, se acabó para mis proyectos de empresas. Abby entiende los problemas de adentro para afuera es por eso que su servicio y empatía en los negocios le dan el plus que toda empresa quisiera tener. Es una bendición tenerla abordo de nuestro equipo!
    Alejandro Lucero
    Founder – KENDROX - Digital Marketing Services