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Lighthouse Taxes joins forces with accounting firm.

Before joining forces with the Tax Pros, Abby had an 18 years career in Real estate and Mortgages. It was the need for good communication with her tax professionals, in addition for her desire to share with others what she had learned for years about the tax code that Lighthouse Taxes, LLC came to be.

Our Values

🌟Abby Goffredo

Your Trusted Financial Expert

Guiding You Towards Financial Prosperity
Abby Goffredo, a Registered Tax Professional and Certified Quickbooks Pro-advisor, is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses unlock their financial potential.

With extensive experience as a licensed Real Estate Instructor (#ZH1002829), licensed Real Estate Broker (#BK3238361), and licensed Loan Originator (NMLS #1516568), Abby offers a comprehensive understanding of financial dynamics.

As a Certified Financial Coach with Ramsey Solutions, Abby goes beyond traditional accounting. She crafts personalized financial strategies, providing you with a roadmap to true financial freedom.

Fluent in both Spanish and English, Abby ensures her expertise resonates with a global audience. Her solid foundation in Business Administration from Hocking College and Political Science from the University of Central Florida equips her with a unique perspective on economic landscapes.

Beyond numbers, Abby is an avid reader, and culinary adventurer. Her zest for life permeates her professional approach, infusing every interaction with creativity and enthusiasm.

🚀 Connect with Abby Goffredo:
Embark on a path towards a brighter, financially secure future with Abby Goffredo. Contact her today and take the first step towards financial prosperity.

🌟 Nancy Tejada

Your Trusted Tax and Finance Expert

Guiding Your Financial Success
With over a decade of professional experience spanning banking, technology, orthopedics, law firms, and taxes, Nancy Tejada is a seasoned Registered Tax Professional.

Nancy's extensive background in finance equips her with a comprehensive understanding of the intricate financial landscapes. Her expertise transcends traditional tax services, offering strategic financial advice tailored to your unique needs.

Educated at Peter College in New Jersey with a focus on Accounting, Nancy combines theoretical knowledge with practical acumen, ensuring sound financial strategies for her clients.

Fluent in English and Spanish, Nancy bridges language barriers, ensuring her expertise resonates with a diverse clientele.

Outside the world of finance, Nancy is a travel enthusiast and passionate advocate for community engagement. Her multifaceted interests infuse her professional endeavors with creativity and a zest for life.

🚀 Connect with Nancy Tejada:
Embark on a path towards financial prosperity with Nancy Tejada. Contact her today and take the first step towards securing your financial future.

🌟 Paola Hernandez

I'm Paola Hernandez! Graduate in Public Accounting. In my professional approach, precision and organization are my main pillars.

I firmly believe that visual clarity and cleanliness in the presentation of data is essential for others to understand and make informed decisions. My passion for keeping things organized is reflected in my daily work, where I constantly seek to improve the aesthetics and understanding of financial information.

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